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Pan Pixels covers Studio Photography Services If you require professional photos for Corporate Wear, Online Sales, Fashion, Product or Family Photoshoot located at a Studio, we are able to cover your photography needs. If its not stated here, share with us your unique needs.

Family photos last a lifetime and they are the best to keep our memories even when we are old and grey. Studio photography is quite a hot thing right now, because so many families want to have at least one photo taken by a professional so they can put it in the family album. If you are looking for a studio photographer with years of experience under their belt, you have come to the right place; we are a Singapore based photography company specialized in offering services for both Corporate and individual clients. If you want a photo of your baby to be taken by a professional, or a portrait for you, our studio photographers are here to help you out.

Corporate Photography

Not only families can take advantage of the great expertise offered by studio photographers. We also work with corporate clients, and we offer a wide range of services geared towards business clients in particular.

Business portraits, for instance, are best taken in a studio, where all the necessary conditions for a photo to look professional, are taken.

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Children Photography

Children grow so fast that it is really difficult to keep up with them. Having their pictures taken will add invaluable memories to your family album, and, if the photos are taken by a professional studio photographer, you will be more than pleased with the results.

Children photography is a hot field, so there are many studios offering this type of services. However, you should always count on a company that truly knows their business and offers both their expertise and experience to deliver great looking photos for your family.

A newborn can also have their first picture taken in a studio. Kids may not always stand still, but they are adorable and having their first photos taken is always an emotional experience for the new mother and father. Once they get home from the maternity, the mother and the newborn can have a few pictures taken to immortalize the important event in their lives.

Some mothers even like to have pictures taken throughout their pregnancy, to remember the times when they were helping the new life to form inside them.

Wedding Photography

Photographers can come on site to shoot photos at your Wedding, but Portraits, for instance, are best taken in a studio. Wedding photographers can invite the newlyweds and their families for a photo shoot in their studio, where the lighting and all the other conditions are met for creating stunning pictures.

Day photos are best taken outdoor, but studio photos can rival with them, if they are professionally taken. The weather may not always agree with the newlyweds, so a studio may be the ideal choice to shoot some wedding photos, even if natural light cannot be brought inside. As long as the love the newlyweds have for one another is present, the rest is taken care of by the photographer.

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