Photography Services Singapore

At Pan Pixels, we offer Professional Photography Services. We hear from you and tailor our services according to your needs and expectations. We also provide you with the photographers most suited for your event, theme, product or portrait shoot based on their experiences and work. With our team of seasoned photographers in the field, it is our fundamental to produce great looking photographs for our valued clients. We believe in working with our clients so that we know your expectations and we perform accordingly.

A proper balance between our premium services, artistic vision and technical skills is our  key to success in our photography services. We will ensure that our expertise delivers complete satisfaction.

Pan Pixels Photography Services

1. Event Photography

We specialize in every type of event photography ranging from corporate retreats all the way to non-profit fundraiser. We understand how important they are for you which is why we bring our expertise to capture the most important moments.

  • Corporate Events
  • Company Functions
  • Mini to Big Events or Parties
  • Birthday Party or Anniversary Celebrations
  • feel free to let us know your unique important event

2. Portrait Photography

Don’t worry if you feel like you are not photogenic or you never look good on the pictures. All of our portraits are carefully prepared to prove to you that you are beautiful -- each time, and every time. That is our promise.

  • Corporate Portraits
  • Family Portraits
  • Graduation Portraits

3. Corporate Photography

Whether you are looking for something that fits your advertising needs or internal newsletter, our professional team will assist you during the whole process. We will start by discussing your needs and your budget in order to better understand what you want to get out of your photo campaign.

4. Product Photography

If you require professional photos of your business products, we will be able to make your product look beautiful and look very attractive to garner those sales for you!

Whether you require a product with a white background or stylized photos, we will be able to assist with your photo project.

Request for a quote from us now!

5. Studio Photography

Require professional photographs for your online or retail business of clothings, accessories, corporate uniforms or tshirts? We understand that the pictures turnout must look perfect in order to generate more sales for you.

6. Wedding Photography

All of us know how important weddings are. They only happen so often that we want to make them totally perfect. When it comes to weddings, one of the most important aspects of it is pictures that will capture this event. If we could we would probably go back in time to experience our wedding, but unfortunately we can't. Pictures are second best thing that we actually have control over.

If you are currently looking for that perfect photographer, look no further. We provide photography service that is based on expertise and love for photography. We will ensure that every photo taken by us is a timeless masterpiece. It will remind you of that great experience you had at your wedding or with your family. And there is nothing better than being able to go back to a good moments and experiences.

Our team of professional photographers will provide you with premium services tailored to your needs for your important event. Let us know the type of photo results you wish to have and we will cater to it as closest as possible. We work with you and ensure that the result is up to your expectations.

  • ROM
  • Pre-wedding
  • AD Wedding
  • Gate Crash
  • Church Ceremony
  • Lunch
  • Tea session
  • Dinner

7. Professional Photography

Do you require professional photographers for your very important event? Need photo coverage even for events covered by the media? Our photographers are very seasoned in the field and are able to produce quality media-looking images. We cover celebrity events and heritage events organized by big organisations too!

8. Personal Photographer

If you have always wanted to have yourself photographed with your friends or loved ones while on a tour or holiday in Singapore or even overseas, we offer a personal photographer so that you will be able to have great pictures on your journey throughout. From good lighting of the pictures to awesome angles of yourself and the background interest like landmarks, you will be able to look back at those precious memories for years to come!

9. Videography Services

As a complement to our Photography Services, we also offer Professional Videography for your events. Tell us more about your event and we will cater accordingly.