Live Feed Singapore

Pan Pixels team offers professional Event Live Feed Videography Services to Private and Corporate clients.

Live Feed service is required when you need to project Live Happenings to a big audience, or showcase a live demonstration upclose for easier viewing. The event happenings on the stage will be projected onto a white screen that is placed nearer to the audience so that they will be able to follow closely.

Depending on your requirements, We are able to record the entire Live Feed Video for you including footage and the audio, for your archive or other purposes. Cables and layout can be done by us or your AV team onsite as well.

Prices for half day starts from $550.

Some Events that we have covered which require Live Feed Videography services include:

  • NDP Event - where video feed was projected to several white screens so that the crowd of 10,000 pax will be able to see a the stage happenings
  • Dinner & Dance - where more than 200 pax of guests were seated in the ballroom and live projection was needed so that guests at the back are able to see the zoomed in performances on stage
  • Live Art Demonstration - where a Master Potter demonstrates how a pottery is done and projection is zoomed in to the pottery

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