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Looking for professional event photography services for your event that capture amazing photos? You have come to the right place! Whether you need pictures taken for a wedding, a party, or a corporate event, Pan Pixels is here to help you make your special occasion go even better than planned.

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Red Hat year-end Celebration @ Raffles Hotel

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Here is a short review of what we offer.

Experience in Taking Various Types of Professional Photos

When you need professional coverage for your events in Singapore, there is nothing better than to rely on a team of experienced photographers. From portrait to media pictures, we offer the best quality that will look great on print, so you can focus on your event.

  1. We Capture the Atmosphere in Stunning Beautiful Pictures

Our main goal is to help you immortalize the atmosphere of your event in gorgeous looking pictures. Good quality pictures cannot be easily obtained by an amateur photographer, which is why you need to contact a professional service to handle this for you.

  1. A Worry Free Experience

We know how stressful is to be in charge of organizing a business event. This is the number one reason why you should hire a team of professional photographers. While you take care of other aspects of your event, our Event Photographers will make sure that your efforts will be rewarded with great looking photos that will remind everyone of the great time they had.

  1. Magazine Quality Material

Do you want your event pictures to look great on print? We offer you magazine quality material; our photos are professionally taken, and they look good everywhere! There is no more need to look at the latest hot celebrity coverage and think your pictures won’t look the same. With the help of our professional services, your event photo gallery will look as glamorous and amazing just like the parties you see portrayed in trendy magazines.

If you are looking for event photography services, search no more! Contact us and we will help you cover your event with beautiful pictures that will make your special occasion a memorable experience. We are one of the top photography services in Singapore, and our portfolio recommends us. We have years of experience in working for various clients, covering corporate events, weddings, business events, and many other special occasions. Our photo artists are ready to take stunning, unforgettable pictures for your event.


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