Corporate Photographer Singapore

Are you planning a meeting, a conference, a trade show and require quality photos at reasonable price by professional photographers?

Pan Pixels team offers you great looking photos that will suit your business needs!

Document Your Corporate Event With Professional Photos

Corporate events do not need only great planning; they also need great pictures taken throughout by a Professional Photographer. Any corporate event planner knows the importance of documenting the event with the help of professional photos.

Types of Photography that Pan Pixels Team Covers

We are specialized in a large variety of corporate photography types:

  • Group Photos – getting everyone together during a corporate event is important, so why not have some beautiful group pictures taken?
  • Portraits – important attendees to your event may also be immortalized in pictures.
  • Location Photos – people love remembering of the good times they spent with their business partners, and location photography is a great way to achieve that.
  • Business Headshots – corporate events must be documented and can help organizing contacts later on; business headshots greatly help with this task.... and many more.


Photography pricing varies depending on the genre of photos that you require. For instance, corporate event photography will be charged based on an hourly rate starting from $180 for the first hour.

For group photos and business portraitures, it may require setting up of lighting equipment and it will also incorporate transportation and additional equipment costs. Photos may also be charged by the quantity.

Do contact us to get a customized quote for your business needs.

We Make Your Business Stand Out

Professional portrayal of the event should be left to us. Event planners can become stressed out while handling corporate outings, and this is exactly what we aim to take off your shoulders. When you are working with our professional team of photographers, you do not have to worry that any important moment will be missed.

We have experience in working for award ceremonies, business parties, and many other types of corporate events. Our coverage of your event will make the experience memorable and help it stand out.

Why Should You Hire a Specialized Corporate Photographer?

We believe that specialized photography can play an important role in the results you will get. We offer specialized corporate photographers in our team because we want the photos taken for you to be of the best quality possible.

Photographers, like any other experts, gather experience when dealing with various subjects. Corporate photography, on its own, has very particular requirements, and it cannot be treated the same as kids or family photography.

Corporate photos can be a great way to crown your hard work as an event planner. While you take care that everyone is having a good time, and that nothing goes without being organized to the minutest detail, we offer you our top corporate photographers to help you achieve the best results without having to worry about it for a single moment.


Request for a quote from us now and we will help you get the best quality pictures for your corporate event!