5 Reasons Why You Need to Book a Family Photoshoot

5 Reasons Why You Need to Book a Family Photoshoot

Starting a family is one of the most exciting periods in a person’s life and so you may be interested in capturing it with a professional photographer. Quickly you will realize how fast your children are changing and growing up so it is easy to push an appointment back when other things get in the way. If you are questioning whether your family should book an appointment, read on to learn why it is definitely worth it!

Kids Grow Like Weeds!

This isn’t just a cute phrase it has real meaning. When you start to notice how last month onesies aren’t fitting and it’s time to get new shoes already, you are noticing how your little bug might not be a little bug next year. This is a perfect time to capture this period in your child’s life. It’s even more fun if you can document their growth every month/year so as they get bigger and change you can reminisce on their development.


Photos can Show a Part of History

Have you ever been able to see the photos of your parents, grandparents or even great grandparents? It is such a pleasure to be able to look at pictures of your family’s history and see the differences in generation. What clothes, what items, what expressions they have on their faces can be entertaining to look at. Booking an appointment with a photographer can create the opportunity to show your family’s personality within a comfortable space.

Parents should be Part of the Fun

Kids are an important part of the photo but parents change equally as much as the years go by. Not only is it fun to look at the changes of the children, but once they get older it is also quite a dramatic change to see their parents move into a different phase of their lives. At home, parents are always behind the camera, snapping photos from their digital cameras or smartphones. Booking an appointment with a professional allows parents to be part of the fun and part of the portrait. Make it a family occasion!

Fun for All

Booking a photoshoot with a professional is a time where you get to use your imagination and can create a fantasy world. Parents may have a specific focus in mind while styling their family; themes like fashion, sci-fi or maybe animal themed. A photoshoot is a great time to be silly and have fun with costumes, props and desired locations. The more playful and stress-free you can be, the more “money shot” photos you’ll have to choose from in the end. And the more creative you get with it, the more organic memories you will make just by doing it. It can be a real bonding experience. At the end of the day, isn’t that what you want to give your children?

Photos make Great Gifts

Do you live close to other family members? Maybe grandma and grandpa live in another country but wish they had some photo keepsakes. Hiring a professional allows you to take photos of the whole family and can be used to send as gifts. Professional photos always come out more beautiful than the common selfie. The photos you order can then be used to personalize pieces around the house like pillows, mugs, calendars or even bring color to house with bigger prints. The possibilities are endless when it comes to photography gift ideas.

If you are wavering between making that appointment and putting it off until next month, book today. In the future, when you look at your family and see how much taller they have all grown, you may look back and regret not capturing them while they were little.

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Author: Christine Sabol

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