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Finding a Reliable and Professional Freelance Photographer who offers reasonable rates could be a challenge to you. Let Pan Pixels help you with your photography requirements!


At Pan Pixels, our team of experienced freelance photographers will be able to assist you with services tailored to your needs for your upcoming important event.

Trust us. Our freelance photographers will be able to work out the details of your event and the specific moments which you want us to capture. We know how important it is to engage the right photographers to ensure that your photos turn out great. We strive to give you the results that you want.

We work with you. Our photographs will be based on your briefing of what pictures you expect to receive and you may expect a professional job from us. Our goal is to exceed your expectations and hand you pictures that speak to you beyond your wildest imaginations.

We capture the moments. Our professional team are well versed in various genres of photography. Our goal is to capture photographs of the important moments of your event. We also capture candid moments which tend to fly by unnoticed by many others. You can then look back at those wonderful moments that you, your loved ones and your guests have enjoyed.

We offer a range of Freelance Photography Services

Back in the day you had to hire a photographer in order to take pictures for you because he was the only one who could afford a camera. Over the years, things have changed and taking pictures became more accessible to the general public. With current technology it is easier than ever before to take pictures. Just by having a smartphone and few handy applications you can take photos that will look great and impress your friends. So why should you hire a professional photographer when you can take pictures by yourself and for free?

Here are a few reasons.

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We capture the best photos of your event, be it a surprise proposal, corporate event and portrait photography.

Our Team's Expertise

When you hire a professional photographer, you are paying for photography skills that require years of experience and the innate talent which the photographer has. You are hiring a pro who knows how to make you or your subject look amazing. Using their artistic eye, ability to put the subject at ease, and attention to detail, all contribute to the creation of unforgettable and picture-perfect images.

Pan Pixels team has the expertise that you will need as we work with professionals who are experienced in this industry.

Photography needs a keen eye and a vast knowledge of mechanisms and techniques. A good pen does not create a great writer and likewise, a good DSLR does not create a great photographer. Event photography is like no other, the photographer simply cannot afford to lose focus and not capture beautiful candid moments. Therefore, always go for the best photographers in such cases.


- Unlimited Photos will be captured during your engagement with us
- Overall Photo Edits will be made to your final photos (colour adjustments)
- Minimum 30 Edited Photos per hour
- Photo submission in High Res JPEG via Online Download Link within 7 to 10 working days

1 Hour: $280
2 Hours: $380
3 Hours: $480
4 Hours and above: $150 per hour
Transport: $40 (if venue is far from MRT)

Submission of unedited High Res JPEG photos: $100
Expedited Photo Highlights edit of 15-20 photos (within 24 hours): $180


- Unlimited Photos will be captured during your engagement with us
- Overall Photo Edits will be made to your final photos (colour adjustments)
- Minimum 30 Edited Photos per hour
- Photo submission in High Res JPEG via Online Download Link within 7 to 10 working days
- 1 Location

1 Hour: $300
2 Hours: $450
Additional Hours: $150 per hour
Transport: $40 (if venue is far from MRT)

Unique Artistry

Pictures taken by professional photographers are a work of art. They are unique and follow an artistic vision. Pictures taken by photographers will create your story in a collection of art. Even if it is a simple party at home, a good photographer can make your home look like a magical wonderland you reign in.


Photographers are driven by passion. We connect to our job as we do what we love. This allows us to strive in taking amazing photographs of you and your loved ones. Our team will ensure that each of the photographs will beautifully capture your meaningful moment that will last a lifetime.

Technical Skills

Taking professional pictures does not come down to basic functions that most of us are familiar with. A lot of things come into play such as proper lighting, posing, and composition of the photos. All of these things contribute to state-of-the-art pictures that are timeless and meaningful.

Being experienced photographers, we know the professional dos and don’ts. Regardless of whether your event is held indoors or outdoors, we can capture pictures with great lighting as well as appropriate angles of the person or subject. While you enjoy and run your event, we will ensure that the shutters and aperture are adjusted according to the time of the day and the lighting available. You will have no worries when you are in the hands of our experienced and seasoned freelance photographers at Pan Pixels.

It Happens Only Once

You cannot resurrect the same event or moment again and you can't stop time. But you can capture that perfect moment in order to go back to it. An experience that happens only once in your life and will never happen again. A moment that you treasure and love is what photography creates. It is about capturing that precious moment with pictures that will be with you for years to come. To ensure that you do not miss that perfect moment, you must hire a professional photographer.

You will enjoy a worry-free corporate or personal event with Pan Pixels and can expect a splendid job done on your photos. The services are nothing less than excellent and we know how to capture the best moments of your birthday party or any other event in the photos. Picture-perfect moments are what you want your events to be full of, so why not engage us to meet your expectations?

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We also operate a Photo Studio located at Marymount / Bishan area.